Expert marketers are always hard at work, testing innovative things and searching out for cutting-edge software to enhance their marketing efforts. Over the last 5 years, marketers have drifted towards animated explainer videos, and today, a lot of marketers are yearning to use them due to the immense benefits they bring to the business. By definition, an animated explainer video is a kind of video that explains what a brand is, what it does and why customers should buy from that brand. This article looks at the reasons why animated explainer videos are so critical to any marketing campaign:

Animated explainer videos help with brand visibility

The aim of starting an online business is to make profits. These profits come from sales. And to get sales, people must be aware of your business. For your business to gain awareness, it must be visible on search engines, so that when prospective customers search products and services online, they land on your site. In other words, your site must rank high on Google. While there are many SEO techniques to help with your site’s search engine rankings, videos can help you along that line faster. This is because Google accords YouTube videos greater ranking recognition. So if you make great animated explainer videos and upload them to YouTube, your site has greater possibilities of ranking high on search engines, hence more visibility and sales.

Animated explainer videos help with your business conversions

We’ve seen that animated explainer videos can help your business to attain greater visibility. However, companies solicit the services of marketers or salespeople to help with conversions. That is, converting visitors into customers. Videos can play a significant role in conversions. Statistics tell the story; 96% of customers find video helpful when buying products and services online. And videos can boost conversion rates by 20%. This tells you that animated explainer videos engage potential customers easily and make them get to grips with the products and services better and faster. Also, animations have been proven to evoke emotions and motivate potential customers to buy.

Animated explainer videos are very easy to share

Social media is the biggest marketplace in this day and age. No wonder that marketers are training their marketing strategies to those platforms. The beautiful thing about YouTube videos is that they are perfectly integrated with almost all social media platforms. That means you can share them on all those social media platforms with a single mouse click. And the fact that many people today gravitate towards visuals, videos can really drive people to your business. You’ll be at an even more advantageous position if you use animated explainer videos, as they are loved the most. Of all the social media platforms, Facebook can take your business up a notch if you share your animated explainer videos on the platform.

Animated explainer video can boost your click-through rate

Besides propping up your social media marketing efforts, animated explainer videos can bolster your email marketing campaigns. Statistics suggest that 100% enhances click-through rate on emails sent out accompanied by video content. However, without measuring results, there is no way you can determine whether you're making improvements or not. Happily, animated explainer videos allow you to measure their impact online. To measure an animated explainer's video impact, you can look at the click-through rate and bounce rate.


With this rundown, you can understand why marketers are trooping to animated explainer videos to promote brands. With a single investment, animated explainer videos can be handy on any marketing campaign, including social and email marketing. So, if you want to achieve customer engagement and conversions easily, suffice to use animated explainer videos.